Ever have to setup security on a QP View? You know what I am talking about.

For any of you that have had a chance to work with the GE Quickpanel View, you will know what I am talking about. You have a handful of QP View units (perhaps more), you have 10 or 20 users, and several security levels that need to be setup, and now you have to do this on each and every QP View, one at a time, using the EditUserList command.

The QP View is an incredible product that has a lot of functionality and features to it, however 1 feature that seems to be missing, is the ability to pre-setup a bunch of users and access levels, and then deploy this to multiple QP View units without the need to use that cumbersome EditUserList. Or is it? Enter a little known fact, and a little used piece of Machine Edition.

First the little known fact; our user list is actually stored on a file on the QP View.

That file is: \Flash Storage\fxViewRuntime\Project\local.dll

You still need to manually setup the users using EditUserList the first time through, but once they have been setup, you can copy this file onto a compact flash card, and then onto your computer. Now comes the fun part, the little used feature of Machine Edition. Drop this file into the HMI (Overwrite) folder of the next QP View’s Machine Edition project. When you download to the QP View, this file will be written down to the QP View and overwrite the file that already exists there, thus copying the security setup of the previous QP View to this one. That my friends, is how to save yourself a tonne of time setting up the QP View security. 640