IIOT WIIFM: Machine and Equipment Health

OK, perhaps I went a little crazy with the acronyms in the title but it is Wednesday afternoon and I couldn't come up with anything else.  The point of the post however is not that the title is loaded with strange acronyms, but that GE has a tangible, real IIOT application that you can begin reaping the benefits of today.

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Flammable Ice?

Recently I came across a very interesting article talking about what most would consider an oxymoron:  Flammable Ice.  You heard that right, ice that contains enough trapped methane you can actually set it on fire.  Now this isn't just a new party trick to top off your rum and coke, but may be a very viable long term solution to the current energy crisis.

Check out the article Here

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Symantec recently reported on the resurgence of a group known as Dragonfly.  This group has been in operation for many years but primarily in Europe, this is their first foray that we know of into the North American market.  It is believed they are gathering intelligence on our systems which could give them the ability to cause large scale disruptions to operations.

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Control System Health - Asset Management

As your fleet of assets grows, maintaining and monitoring those assets becomes not only more important, but more challenging.  What firmware version is the asset on?  Do we have any faults?  How is the asset running and performing?  These are but a few of the questions that plague operators every day.

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How Much Data Do I Really Need to Collect?

Over on the Predix blog there is an interesting article talking about a small project in which one of the developers hooked up his 1966 mustang to Predix in order to do engine management.   It is an interesting tale and a discussion point I have with customers frequently when discussing IIOT and Big Data, which is:

"how much data should I be collecting".  

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GE Security 101: RTM

There has been a lot of discussions around security in industrial automation lately so I decided now would be a good time to show you something you probably didn't even realize existed; secure deployment guides.  Many times control engineers leave security up to others, possibly an integrator, or possibly their IT department, however there are a lot of things that can be done in your programming/development software to help secure your systems.

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A New Slant on Old Ethernet

GE’s latest innovation in Industrial Ethernet Switches provides control operators another way to manage and monitor their network directly in their control management tools such as Proficy Machine Edition. 

With the high-performance capability of gigabit ports, this latest series of PROFINET managed switches easily prioritize, partition and organize user’s network and provide reliable and good quality services. It is ideal for factory automation applications.

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Welcome to the Industrial Internet

Lately there has been a lot of news surrounding IIoT and the Industrial Internet, but what is it really?   Check out the video below from GE Digital for an overview of the industrial internet, and what it can do for you using Predix from GE Digital.

For more information on your industrial internet journey, check out our Industry 4.0 solutions.


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A New Way to Look at Your Manufacturing Process

A picture is worth 1000 words. This anecdote has been used time and again, by just about everyone you know. Today, I am going to show you how you can get a picture of your manufacturing process, and how this picture will be worth far more to you than just 1000 words, it will be worth dollars in your pocket, both in reduced production time, faster QA and more responsive quality recalls. Meet Sciemetric, a company that has pioneered in-process review and testing of your production process.

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