Control System Health - Asset Management

As your fleet of assets grows, maintaining and monitoring those assets becomes not only more important, but more challenging.  What firmware version is the asset on?  Do we have any faults?  How is the asset running and performing?  These are but a few of the questions that plague operators every day.

Enter the GE Control System Health app.  This application allows you to monitor firmware versions, temperature, faults, controller run state, and so much more from a simple HTML dashboard.  No more site visits to check if you are running the most recent firmware, or digging through fault tables to see if there is a fault in the controller.  The system will even cross check your fault and point you to the exact spot where you can get more information on faults it collects.

Now, you will have more time to do the things that matter, and let the GE Control System Health app take care of the mundane.

Control system health app



I have been doing sales and support with Gescan for over 16 years. With a background in computer networking and a passion for technology, I approach each day as an opportunity to challenge myself and learn.


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