IIOT WIIFM: Machine and Equipment Health

OK, perhaps I went a little crazy with the acronyms in the title but it is Wednesday afternoon and I couldn't come up with anything else.  The point of the post however is not that the title is loaded with strange acronyms, but that GE has a tangible, real IIOT application that you can begin reaping the benefits of today.

It's called Machine and Equipment health and it's purpose in life is to let your machines tell you when something is wrong.  That could be a problem with a piece of equipment half way around the world, or it could be that machine A is outperforming machine B in the room directly behind you.

In true IOT fashion, we don't care where the assets are located, we provide the mechanism to get machine health and performance monitoring to allow you to start actively managing your fleet of assets instead of passively waiting for something to go wrong.

Read more about it here.


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