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Attacks are on the Rise, are you Ready?

Traditional industry, as we know it, has become digital industry. More devices are connected than ever before—PLCs, RTUs, and a wide variety of embedded devices all underpin critical infrastructure. These connections are driving new levels of productivity and value.

But, these connections also introduce cyber risk.

In fact, with all these connections in operational technology (OT) environments, any vestige of an air gap has faded. Industrial control system (ICS) environments, including SCADA and DCS, have become easy targets for attackers and other adversaries. The threat landscape continues to evolve and expand.

This has left us with a new reality: if it’s connected, it needs to be protected.

Not only do we now have a connected OT network, but increased business pressures are continually blurring the boundries between OT and IT networks, requiring an ever increasing cyber security infrastructure.

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Cyber Audit
Effective cybersecurity solutions are not a “set once and forget” solution. Constantly evolving threats are launched at control systems from every direction. Understanding how to deploy a best practice cybersecurity program in a cost-effective manner can be a daunting task.
Sword and Shield
Boundary Protection
Process control networks and their critical assets are usually isolated from other networks in an effort to protect them from cyberattack and to protect the sensitive data they contain. Extracting useful data in a controller fashion from a protected network can prove to be a challenge.
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Intrusion Detection / Prevention
A comprehensive cyber security strategy needs to include not only methods to help keep bad actors out, but mitigation and detection methods for when those same bad actors eventually get in.
Remote Access
Remote Access
Some adversaries are effective at gaining remote access into control systems, finding obscure access vectors, even “hidden back doors” intentionally created by system operators. Remove such accesses wherever possible, especially modems as these are fundamentally insecure.
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If It's Connected, It Has To Be Protected.