Step 1: Get Secured

Step 1: Get Secured

Traditional industry, as we know it, has become digital industry. More devices are connected than ever before—PLCs, RTUs, and a wide variety of embedded devices all underpin critical infrastructure. These connections are driving new levels of productivity and value.

But, these connections also introduce cyber risk.

In fact, with all these connections in operational technology (OT) environments, any vestige of an air gap has faded. Industrial control system (ICS) environments, including SCADA and DCS, have become easy targets for attackers and other adversaries. The threat landscape continues to evolve and expand.

This has left us with a new reality: if it’s connected, it needs to be protected.

Not only do we now have a connected OT network, but increased business pressures are continually blurring the boundries between OT and IT networks, requiring an ever increasing cyber security infrastructure.

Network Intrusion Detection (N.I.D.S)

At the core, you need a passive intrusion detection system to constantly monitor your systems and alert you when something goes wrong.

Data Diodes

Data Diodes from OWL Computing help to restore the air gap between your IT and OT infrastructure, while still allowing the flow of critical process information.

Protecting the boundary of your OT environment however is not enough. Sophisticated attackers are finding new and inventive ways to breach the OT network and once inside, if the OT network is not properly protected, attackers have complete access and control to your systems.

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