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Creating smart, safe, green, well-automated machines.

We have the experience and expertise to help businesses tackle their complex problems in a variety of industries. Our solutions are designed to make your machines smarter, safer and faster while being increasingly flexible and reliable. The end result is a more sustainable, agile, efficient and profitable you.

Water and Wastewater

The ever-increasing demands on today’s Water and Wastewater facilities require more robust and effective automation and information technology support. Gescan offers software and solutions to address these needs and drive operational excellence for the water industry worldwide. Our solutions deliver the lowest true cost of ownership by protecting existing investment of infrastructure and providing seamless integration with new and evolving technology standards.

Logistics Automation

he world of e-commerce is ever-increasing and customers are becoming accustomed to quality products, delivered fast. Our supply chain management and enterprise resource planning solutions help you improve the efficiency of logistics operations in warehouses and distribution centres while reducing costs and significantly increasing your bottom line. Perform multitude tasks, such as material batching, picking, ordering, packaging, warehouse security, and inspection utilizing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and network-connected systems. Our IoT and technology solutions provide real-time data transfer, flexible communication, and Big Data analytics. These services, along with our cloud-based solutions, empower your operations with automated, sophisticated, and agent-based control. 

Metals and Mining

The goal for every metals manufacturer and mining company is to reduce scrap and downtime while increasing yield. Gescan offers unique solutions of hardware and software for the metals industry, providing integrated solutions to modernize legacy control systems and optimize processes. Its Modernization and Optimization enabling technology allows metals manufacturers to make better decisions faster, through significantly improved access to data with powerful collection, storage and analysis capabilities.


Enhance your manufacturing process and maximize productivity while dramatically reducing your cost of ownership using our wide range of innovative and scalable automotive solutions. We offer unmatched quality and reliability for the most exciting and demanding manufacturing environments. Seamlessly navigate today’s constantly changing market, increase efficiency and get to market faster using concepts like Industry 4.0 Automotive; our automotive manufacturing experience, expertise, products and technology make us the perfect automation partner to make your facility smart, connected, flexible and successful.

Food and Beverage

With increasing food safety regulations, rising demand for processed and advanced packaged foods, and increasing technological advancements, the food and beverage manufacturing industry has witnessed significant growth in the past few decades. Automating food production can reap many benefits. The ability to replicate the appearance and quality of a product with the minimum use of ingredients not only improves line efficiencies leading to bottom-line profit but also can potentially increase sales. Improving the traceability of raw ingredients also provides the added benefit of improved food safety. Gescan Automation solutions are designed to help you create the best quality food you can while improving food safety.

Power and Energy

In today’s environment, power and energy companies require rapid operational responses to be competitive as they produce cost-effective and reliable energy. Gescan offers a wide variety of products for upgrading and modernizing existing operations as well as complete solutions for new systems. Its automation software and solutions expand, as clients need to connect people to plant-wide information, in real-time, offering new capabilities to manage plant performance.


International economic competition has grown enormously in the last decade, and in order for companies to regain or maintain their edge, continuous improvement in their manufacturing processes is necessary. These improvements, whether they be in efficiency, cost savings or speed of process, require the latest technology to be effective. Gescan offers a wide range of solutions and products for the manufacturing sector to help companies keep up with the ever-changing manufacturing landscape.

Oil and Gas

The challenge for the Oil and Gas industry is to meet regulatory compliance and ensure security of process while improving overall profitability. All of this can be achieved through the plant and enterprise-level automation software and solutions of Gescan. Tailored to suit the needs of customers, Gescan provides state-of-the-art technology, reliability, extensive experience along with a large network of support.

Pulp and Paper

With increasing globalization, pulp and paper manufacturers must improve product quality, production efficiency, and flexibility to stay competitive. Gescan offers a wide range of solutions to optimize yield, monitor quality of rolls, produce Certificates of Analysis (COAs) and more. Its applications help companies reduce downtime with communication links between remote locations as well as comply with environmental regulations using enhanced performance and reporting features.

Pharma Automation

Reduced energy and water consumption, and lessen waste while making your facility smarter and safer. Our specialized pharma automation solutions are designed to increase facility performance and product quality as well as to improve asset effectiveness and plant availability. Gesan automation systems minimize the cost of ownership during the whole life cycle of your plant and our open standards can easily be adapted and modified over time. At Gesan, we understand that time-to-market project management requires that as many parts as possible be standardized. Our modular approach and standardization of automation components, systems and software offer the advantage of faster integration of automation systems as well as lowered engineering, implementation and equipment costs. 

Pharmacy Automation

Medication errors are considered one of the leading causes of death in North America. Most medication errors occur during prescription and dispensation. In North America, the use of automated medication dispensing systems and cabinets is increasing, as they reduce dispensing errors while improving inventory stock management, drug traceability, and dispensing speed. Gescan Automation provides automated solutions for dispensing, packaging, inventory management, vial filling, and more in order to help you reduce operating costs while improving patient safety and medical distribution efficiency. 

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