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Safety Solutions

Safety is paramount in any industrial application today, requiring innovative safety products and solutions to improve the functional operation of machinery while helping to increase personnel safety, efficiency and productivity.

Industry is becoming more complex and this causes an increase in the need to ensure safety where personnel are required to access areas where potentially hazardous operations take place, such as machining, welding, movement of a robot arm, and more. This requires the best safety device that offers the maximum protection with minimum impact on machine operations. Our comprehensive selection of safety components are designed to meet the most demanding functional safety needs while preserving productivity and ensuring people are safe.

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Products to Consider for your Solution...
Safety Control
Designed with safety in mind, PACSafe Configurable Safety Controllers are perfect for machine automation applications requiring integrated SIL3 machine safety with multiple coordinated safety sensors. PACSafe solutions easily scale from small to complex machines.
Safety Area Scanners
Safety Area Scanners are the innovative solution for safe area protection in a large variety of applications in automation and intralogistic industries. It offers a complete and flexible solution for the safeguard of robotic cells, automated guided vehicles and general machinery.
Safety Light Curtains
Finger and hand safety detection with possibility of configuration of advanced functions through pushbuttons or Graphic User Interface. Extended flexibility that fits a diverse range of machine needs, combined with possibility of Ethernet connection for remote monitoring.
Safety Switches

The function of safety switches is to monitor the position of a safety guard and, if the safety guard is opened, to trigger a signal that safely interrupts the supply of power to the hazardous parts of the system. Switches are available with a large number of options, for example with guard locking, emergency release and escape release as well as accessories.

Safety Gate Boxes

The safety system MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) combines a safety switch, bolt and door locking mechanism in one system. The modular design is flexible for upgrades and can be individually adapted to suit the diverse safety requirements of every customer. It is ideal for protecting safety doors.  Devices with unicode evaluation possess a high coding level, devices with multicode evaluation possess a low coding level. The interlocking module can be configured with the aid of DIP switches.   In combination with a movable guard and the machine control, this safety component prevents dangerous machine functions from occurring while the guard is open. A stop command is triggered if the guard is opened during the dangerous machine function.