New pressures have led to radical changes in the automotive industry. Automakers have outsourced much of their labor, while tier providers have become responsible for more completely sub-assembled components than ever before. But increased competition and falling profits mean that even greater efficiency and accountability will be required. Technology provides the key.

Power and Energy

In today’s environment, power and energy companies require rapid operational response to be competitive as they produce cost effective and reliable energy. Gescan offers a wide variety of products for upgrading and modernizing existing operations as well as complete solutions for new systems. Our automation software and solutions expand, as you need to connect people to plant wide information, in real time, offering new capabilities to manage plant performance.


With private and public healthcare organizations under ever increasing regulatory and market pressure, medical and pharmaceutical industries face incredible challenges to increase flexibility while at the same time dramatically reducing costs. At Gescan, we have automation software and solutions to address unique requirements such as compliance documentation and validation. We work with our customers so they can grow their business while eliminating errors in production.


International economic competition has grown enormously in the last decade, and in order for companies to regain or maintain their edge, continuous improvement in their manufacturing processes is necessary. These improvements, whether they be in efficiency, cost savings or speed of process, require the latest technology to be effective. Gescan offers a wide range of solutions and products for the manufacturing sector to help companies keep up with the ever-changing manufacturing landscape.

Metals and Mining

The goal for every metals manufacturer and mining company is to reduce scrap and downtime while increasing yield. Gescan offers unique solutions of hardware and software for the metals industry, providing integrated solutions to modernize legacy control systems and optimize processes. Our Modernization and Optimization enabling technology allows metals manufacturers to make better decisions faster, through significantly improved access to data with powerful collection, storage and analysis capabilities.

Oil and Gas

The challenge for the Oil and Gas industry is to meet regulatory compliance and ensure security of process while improving overall profitability. All of this can be achieved through the plant and enterprise level automation software and solutions of Gescan. Tailored to suit the needs of our customers, we provide state-of-the-art technology, reliability, extensive experience along with a large network of support.

Pulp and Paper

With increasing globalization, pulp and paper manufactures must improve product quality, production efficiency, and flexibility to stay competitive. Gescan offers a wide range of solutions to optimize yield, monitor quality of rolls, produce Certificates of Analysis (COAs) and more. Our applications help companies reduce downtime with communication links between remote locations as well as comply with environmental regulations using enhanced performance and reporting features.


The ever-increasing demands on today’s Water and Wastewater facilities require more robust and effective automation and information technology support. Gescan offers software and solutions to address these needs and drive operational excellence for the water industry worldwide. Our solutions deliver the lowest true cost of ownership by protecting existing investment of infrastructure and providing the seamless integration with new and evolving technology standards.