DATALOGIC 956271000 S67-MH-5-Y03-I uM LSR 50-300MM IOUT M12


Short range laser distance sensor. 50 to 300 mm Operating distance, M12 5-poles connector. Accurate and precise laser distance sensor with submillimetric resolution. Sturdy metal die-cast zinc IP67 housing. Resolution of 10 um at 50 mm. distance on white 90% remission. Response time less than 0.9 ms (short range models) Linearity error of +/-0.03 mm at 50 mm range. Analog Voltage models with 0 to 10 V protected output. Analog Current models with 4 to 20 mA protected output. Soiling indicator and Alarm Output. Robust light interference suppression. Suitable for automotive industries, textile and paper industries, wood industries, general packaging industries, metal tooling, assembly lines, mechanical engineering and special machinery.


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