The DS2400N is a compact laser scanner offering improved reading performance, excellent flexibility and full on-board connectivity options with PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Ethernet TCP/IP protocols. The versatile DS2400N scanner is purpose-built for automatic warehousing and factory automation applications. The DS2400N combines best in class optics with the next generation of code reconstruction algorithms, delivering superior performance on low quality codes or damaged labels. With on-board Ethernet ports and switch capability, the DS2400N can be networked into PROFINET line or ring topologies for system redundancy. With EDS-AOP setup tools, configuring the EtherNet/IP fieldbus communication is simple and easy. Through PROFINET, the DS2400N can be configured via the modular structure contained in the GSDML file. Parameters are stored in the GSDML file, providing automatic configuration for failed or replaced devices. Embedding switches, dual PROFINET parts and a rotating connector block are a few of the unique features that define the Datalogic DS2x00N family. Innovative software features provide easy and simple scanner installation and replacement.


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