NVS9000™ is an industrial high-end vision system that has been designed to drastically improve the productivity of postal, mail order and distribution companies. The integration of a new 8K linear sensor and a powerful lighting systems provides high quality image detection with extended depth of field on large conveyor up to 1400 mm (55 inch). The new sensor frame rate, up to 240 frame/second, makes NVS9000™ to feature excellent dynamic performance, up to 4.5 m/s on high resolution images (170 dpi). This feature, combined with a new high speed autofocus system, guarantees excellent reading capabilities on high speed conveyor even on parcel with a very small gap. Every single detail of NVS9000™ has been designed to reduce the overall cost of installation. Unique point of configuration, a simple step by step automatic routine, a smart mechanical hang and fix bracket, the product lightweight and its handles, the reduced number of cables and devices allow a single installer to complete the system installation and setup in few hours.


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