FMC600 M12 8P M. A-CodeQLM-I/O


Quick Link (QL and QLM) connectivity accessories provides an easy, fast, modular and cost-effective solution whenever "plug-in connection" is preferable. QL Series is compatible with DS2100N, DS2400N, DS4800, Matrix 210™, Matrix 410™ and Matrix 450™. QL300/500 and QLM500/600/700 link 1D/2D code readers to the power supply, external trigger, IDNET™ network, Digital I/O and communication connections including interface to Serial, Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus and Profinet. QL100/150/200 provides an ID-NET™ "T" connector. This is the most effective way to build the ID-NET™ network by passing through power and network's signals. Service port connection (QL150) and tap power connection (QL200) are optionally available.


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