Sola 3K2U Rack/Tower line-interactive uninterruptible power systems. The slim 2U shape and advanced networking and remote control options make this UPS the perfect choice for networking or process control racks. The S3K2U Series UPS's protect against most severe power disturbances including over/under voltages through state of art sinewave, line interactive technology. Utility power is continually protected by the S3K2U series while internal battery power is maintained for deep sag conditions. The built-in protection for under and over voltage conditions of the S3K2U units includes low-energy lightning surge protection on the input power source. They are provided with an input circuit protector and a pair of surge protected data line connectors (RJ-45). The S3K2U series include an automatic bi-weekly test function to ensure the capability of the battery to supply power in deep sag situations. Should the battery fail this test, the UPS will display a warning to indicate that the battery needs to be replaced.