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DATALOGIC DLR-BT001-EU RFID BT Pocket Reader Display EU (Includes Lanya

Manufacturer #:DLR-BT001-EU


The RFID pocket reader with Bluetooth® wireless technology has UHF RFID technology allowing information to be read and written on devices, name tags or transponders placed on objects for their identification. Read/write operations can occur without a line-of-sight, at longer distances and faster speeds compared to other passive technologies. This creates a less expensive, more efficient and automated process. The HID version supports native keyboard emulation allowing the reader to interact directly with legacy applications, office automation software or any other generic solutions requiring manual input. EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C compliant. USB communications and charging. Bluetooth wireless communication. SPP and HID Bluetooth profiles. Integrated linear polarized antenna. Small, lightweight and ergonomic form factor. Battery powered. LCD display. Vibration feedback. Suitable for UHF functionality to Bluetooth wireless devices, retail: point of sale, field sales mobility, access control, inventory management, service and maintenance.


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