Manufacturer #:937401024


STS400™ solution has a single order number. Matching the application requirements to the solution selection is an easy process. All that's needed are the barcode resolution and the conveyor width. STS400™ means saving installation costs and time - 100% pre-assembled and calibrated - no focusing, no height barrier and no encoder required. The high read rates are guaranteed by the factory validated reading performance. Also the self-contained mechanical layout makes the integration into constrained spaces quick and easy. The complete reading system fits into a space only: 1065 x 223 x 149 mm - 42 x 9 x 6 inch (cables, connection boxes and readers included). Thanks to the absence of moving parts, STS400™ requires minimum maintenance. Detecting a reading problem is simple with the Green Spot feature: a flashing green light indicates the good read at the single device level, so providing an immediate feedback of the reading status without any additional software tools. The automatic reader replacement function allows substituting a faulty reader by simply connecting a new MATRIX 410™ to the cluster. The mechanical fixture of the reader to the bar has also been simplified for improved precision. Moreover, the factory assembly eliminates any setup activity on site and prevents any risk of error. STS400™ is extremely compact and based on a self-contained structure. The solution excels in delivering top reading performance with simplicity of installation and maintenance. For example the solution is pre-assembled and calibrated, making integration into a tire sorting system quicker than ever. In less than one hour, with no special tools or training, the STS400™ can go from the shipping carton to reading tires in the production line! highest throughput and maximum ease of use.


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