DATALOGIC 939501109 TC1200-1100 CCD READER,USB

Manufacturer #:939501109


Datalogic's TC 1200 Compact CCD Reader provides cost-effective solution for many OEM applications and entry level Factory Automation, combining the benefits of CCD technology, excellent decoding capability and maximum flexibility. TC1200 has great optics features with wide scan angle and long depth of field also on very high resolution codes. Its high-performance CCD executes 320 scans/sec and renewed decoding capabilities increase throughput on hard to-read, poor or damaged codes. TC1200 is characterized by maximum reliability (MTFB 240.000 hours) and very low power consumption 1.75W. TC1200 can set different operative modes in order to easily work in a large variety of operative conditions. USB connection and serial port interface combined with opto-coupled input/output lines satisfy all the need for external communication with any type of controller. TC 1200 is also available as "Scan Engine" very useful for embedded applications where the size is a key factor (electronics module without case). Aladdin™ configuration software (via PC) or direct configuration through Bar codes, they both offer user-friendly approach to start-up and set-up procedure. Suitable for Hand free solutions for factory automation, Lab automation and biomedical analysis machines, Kiosk and atms terminal service, Access control and ticketing.


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