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DATALOGIC 931351097 DS6400-100-012 DYN.F.,M,LIN.,ETHERNET

Manufacturer #:931351097


The high performance DS6400 industrial laser bar code scanner presents the new Step-a-Head™ feature, reading range from 300 to 2.500 mm, new FLASH™ dynamic focus, advanced decoder with code reconstruction capability (ACR4), display and keyboard, new GENIUS™SW configurator and PackTrack™ function. The DS6400 embeds a linear motor providing a dynamic focus system called FLASH™, fully controlled via software, which covers an impressive reading range of over 2 meters. FLASH™ is capable of moving the focus position from the minimum to the maximum position in less than 10 ms. DS6400 features a practical display with keyboard that increases the scanner's ease of use by showing barcode data read (local echo), statistics and diagnostic information; moreover, it offers built-in connectivity to Ethernet, DeviceNet and Profibus networks.


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