DATALOGIC 932702030 DM3610-1200 SING OIML/MID

Manufacturer #:932702030


The DM3610 is a ultra-high performance, in-motion, overhead dimensioning unit that automatically measures the length, width and height of packages as they are transported on a conveyor. The DM3610 is certified in Legal-For-Trade applications and its highly accurate measurements make it the perfect solution for spatial management applications. The self-contained dimensioner is designed for simple installation and enables a range of applications across multiple markets including parcel, warehousing & distribution. In the 2-head configuration, the DM3610 can provide dimensions for irregular as well as cuboidal objects. Used in conjunction with barcode scanners and scales, the DM3610 improves operations for systems such as AS/RS, trailer cubing, manifesting and revenue recovery.


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