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DATALOGIC 959918105 MX-E80-2-P-1, 2 PORTS, PNP, WES7

Manufacturer #:959918105


The MX-E Series of vision processors provides the highest performance in image processing with unmatched flexibility through GigE multi-camera connectivity support. The MX-E Series allows users to choose the level of system performance and complexity based on their application needs. Three different MX-E models are available, each featuring the latest Intel chipsets and high speed PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera ports. MX-E vision processors are equipped with NPN or PNP digital I/Os and power two or four GigE cameras. The MX-E20 is an entry-level, affordable processor featuring an Intel® Celeron dual core 1.4 GHz processor and two independent Gigabit PoE camera ports. The MX-E20 offers a cost effective means to migrate from smart camera applications to an embedded vision system. The MX-E40 Series is a rugged and compact embedded vision processor that features Intel® multi-core processors and two or four independent Gigabit PoE camera ports. The MX-E40's long-life embedded components provide a robust and reliable vision system for critical inspection applications. The next generation MX-E80 Vision Processor extends the power and performance of the MX-E Series to applications that demand faster, more advanced algorithms and higher resolutions with its Intel® Core™ i7 quad-core processor, 8GB memory and two or four independent Gigabit PoE ports. Powered by IMPACT, the MX-E Series is the ideal solution for the deployment of embedded vision systems with multiple independent inspection points.


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