Manufacturer #:IC755CBS15CDA


The IC755CBS15CDA is a 15 inch QuickPanel operator interface designed by GE. The QuickPanel + operator interface is an all-in-one microcomputer designed for maximum flexibility bringing together a high-resolution touch screen operator interface with a wide range of communication options. Communication ports that are attached to the IC755CBS15CDA allow connection to most industrial equipment. These ports include one 10/100BaseT Ethernet port, one RS-232 UART Port serial port, two USB2.0 host ports and one USB2.0 (mini type) device port. The IC755CBS15CDA is equipped with several memory types to satisfy the most challenging applications. The IC755CBS15CDA is equipped with 512MB of dynamic RAM. The Windows operating system requires part of the DRAM and the remaining memory is divided between an object store function, which is used for file storage and the main memory for running programs. Characteristically compressed programs kept in flash memory are expanded and transported to DRAM for execution. Data kept in DRAM will not be preserved through a power cycle or reboot. Status indicators are presented through the tri-colored LED attached to the IC755CBS15CDA. An on-board buzzer provides audio indications. The Ethernet port is equipped with two LED indicators. Once the IC755CBS15CDA is shipped and a few configuration steps are complete, the IC755CBS15CDA is ready to be powered up. The supplied quick-connect plug is used to connect to a DC power supply. Depending on the type of application, there may be a need to connect and configure optional input devices, communication ports and expansion adapters. The IC755CBS15CDA features a 7” LED backlit touchscreen display with two-point touch. The technology is derived on project capacitance, which allows tracking of the finger without pressured contact for smooth scrolling. The system’s control panel is used when need of adjusting brightness or operation of the backlight


Brand Name GE Sub Brand QuickPanel+™
Item Name Touch Screen Terminal Type Capacitive
Voltage Rating 24 VDC Interface Operator
Display Projected Capacitive 2-Point Touch Panel Operating System Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7
Memory DDR3 SDRAM 1 GB RAM Includes View and Control