EMERSON IC695SPF010 RX3i Single 1000base-LX(fiber 10km) Sml Form

Manufacturer #:IC695SPF010


The IC695SPF010 module is a scanner module that belongs to the RX3i PacSystems series by GE Fanuc Automation. This module is compatible with the RX3i I/O rack from the Series 90-30 product line or with the RX3i modules and controllers. This module comes with single-mode fiber connections and it supports 1000 MB per second of communication rates. It comes with different ports that enable it to be used with different modules and devices, including SD cards to perform data transfers without the needing a physical connection through a cable. The GE Fanuc Automation IC695SPF010 scanner module includes media interfaces that are not a specific type and it supports daisy chain connections and line, star or ring topologies and it uses the Proficy Machine Edition software. The module comes with a USB port that is included just for firmware upgrades only. This port is not meant to be used permanently since it does not enable different connections than firmware and software upgrades. The GE Fanuc Automation IC695SPF010 scanner module requires different power ratings for operation. These power ratings are 3.3 Volts of voltage and a current of 1.2 A when there are no SFP devices installed and 1.9 Amps of current when there are 2 SFP devices installed and 5 Volts of voltage with a current of 1.1 A maximum. The configuration settings of the module come included in a file with the software. The GE Fanuc Automation IC695SPF010 scanner module might need to be installed in an enclosure since it is an open-style device and it has hazardous electrical equipment that is accessible to the users and that can cause injury or damage if proper precautions such as installing the device in an enclosure are not taken.


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