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DATALOGIC USA INC DATASENSING 950811230 S100-PR-5-D00-PK = Fixedfocus plastic radial pn

Manufacturer #:950811230


Fixed focus photoelectric sensor. 70 mm operating distance. PNP output. The S100 series is a standard miniature sensor with dimensions of only 20 x 32 x 12 mm. It stands out as a new benchmark among miniature photoelectric sensors with its unique characteristics. With four fixing holes (two threaded on the front and two slotted on the rear), the series offers a universal solution suitable for all types of equipment and applications. The absence of the adjustment makes the installation of the S100 photoelectric sensor quick and easy, eliminating any risk of tampering. With Datalogic's new ASIC, the S100 becomes programmable and adjustable through IO-Link connectivity with dual output channels and no digital output jitter during communication, extending the sensor line with the new contrast sensors (W00 models) which are fast, precise and reliable.


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