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DATALOGIC USA INC DATASENSING 95B066960 IS-08-H1-S1 = ø8 short -double range non flush

Manufacturer #:95B066960


The IS-08 series in the classic cylindrical shape inductive proximity sensor of nickel-plated brass. They are capable of detecting metal objects at a distance of 1.5 mm to 20 mm and are available either with cables or with M8 or M12 standard industrial connectors. They capture metal objects without contact and are characterized by their long service life and extreme strength. The family of inductive sensors from Datalogic Automation is exactly the right answer to the demands of today's market and offers standardized sensors in cylindrical and rectangular format with one or two set switching distances in their wide range of products. They are available with 2, 3 or 4-wire technology in a compact and standardized housing and as a cable or plug-in version. In addition, their versions are made of stainless steel, which withstand the toughest conditions, ex zones and applications in the FOOD range.


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