Control System Health - Asset Management

As your fleet of assets grows, maintaining and monitoring those assets becomes not only more important, but more challenging.  What firmware version is the asset on?  Do we have any faults?  How is the asset running and performing?  These are but a few of the questions that plague operators every day.

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How Much Data Do I Really Need to Collect?

Over on the Predix blog there is an interesting article talking about a small project in which one of the developers hooked up his 1966 mustang to Predix in order to do engine management.   It is an interesting tale and a discussion point I have with customers frequently when discussing IIOT and Big Data, which is:

"how much data should I be collecting".  

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What does an Industrial Internet Control System look like?

In my last post (read it here), I brought up the concept of Industrial Internet Control Systems (IICS) and put up a video from GE that described the concept and what they were doing to make these types of systems viable and useful for their customers. But what exactly does one of these controllers look like?

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A Control System for the Industrial Internet

We've all heard the buzz for quite a while now about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the emergence of Industry 4.0; last week, my counterpart Carl, posted a video that gives a quick overview of GE's Predix, which is GE's take on the IIoT(see his post by clicking here). I find a lot of the conversation surrounding the Industrial Internet is about cloud connectivity and Edge devices, talking about outcomes and what we can expect from the this connected world, and while that is the most important part of the message, it falls short of actually talking about how to make it actually happen. So how are companies like GE going to make the IIoT happen for their customers?

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Welcome to the Industrial Internet

Lately there has been a lot of news surrounding IIoT and the Industrial Internet, but what is it really?   Check out the video below from GE Digital for an overview of the industrial internet, and what it can do for you using Predix from GE Digital.

For more information on your industrial internet journey, check out our Industry 4.0 solutions.


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